Batteries QUANTA

Presenting Amaron Quanta ™, the industrial Segment SIOF battery (Or UPS applications, built to perform 'forever'. In Short, the lifeline to your UPS applications . Amaron Quanta ™ is a product of fail-safe. fool-proof battery technology. produced and tested in our premier manufacturing facility. Built to the highest technical competence in its class. the Amaron Quanta ™, an example of Amara Raja's commitment to bringing the best of technology to your table. It features several firsts for the battery industry like unique Radgrid ™ As a company that is known for its legendary obsession with technology. Amara Raja has been behind some of the best innovations in technology that India has seen.

Our VRLA - Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries for example, were India's first major advancement in battery technology. This paved way for our literally no-maintenance and far reliable automotive battery. Amaron has grown rapidly to become the preferred battery of leading auto manufacturers. Today Amaron sets the benchmark for quality and technology in the hitherto dormant automotive battery market. Our every product comes with the double promise of Amara Raja's expertise and support of our alliance partner. Johnson Controls Inc. undisputed world leader in the storage battery business. The Amaron Quanta comes to you with the same promise of advanced technology and unmatched customer service standards followed at Amara Raja,

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